IRedeem FAQ
What is iRedeem?
iRedeem is an innovative multi-partner loyalty program that offers direct discounts or consumers points from a wide range of businesses. Members can either save instantly or quickly earn points and convert them into Cash Vouchers. Card members have the flexibility and choice to use their earned points wherever they choose.
How does iRedeem benefit small to medium businesses?
iRedeem enables small to medium sized businesses with the marketing tools to attract, retain and reward customers. Our comprehensive database collects extensive marketing information to help you make effective targeted marketing promotions to boost your business revenue. As an iRedeem Business Partner, you will have instant access to our growing member base within the iRedeem Network.
How much does it cost to join iRedeem?
Please contact a sales representative at for more details.
What are the fees to cancel iRedeem?
There are no cancellation fees.
What do I need for setup?
An iRedeem sales rep is responsible for the setup and installation of the iRedeem terminal or Windows Application at your business. This will require internet access.